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Library Facilities

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The IRI Council has established a Library at the IRI Head Quarters. The late Dr. D. Banerjee has donated his lifelong collection of books and research papers to this library. These books and materials provide a historical and technology perspective that are invaluable for present and future research.

Prof. S. K. De, former Head of Rubber Technology Centre, IIT, Kharagpur has donated several books. Prof. Anil K. Bhowmick, former Director IIT Patna has also donated books co-authored by him. Several members have also offered to donate their books to the IRI. Other branches also have library collections which can be accessed by members and students.

Such gifts of relevant books and any financial support are most welcome as they help to build the main and subsidiary libraries at the various branches and will improve the present facilities.

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We are very happy to inform you that during recently concluded IRCO (International Rubber Conference Organization) meeting on 28th October ’16 during IRC-2016 at Kitakyushu, Japan, our Chairman, Dr. R Mukhopadhyay has been selected for award of IRCO Medal in recognition of his contribution on education & research in Rubber Science & Technology as well as his contribution to IRCO for conducting international conferences.


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