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Affiliate Technical Organisation of Rubber Division, ACS, AKRON, USA

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The IRI became an affiliate of the Technical Organisation of Rubber Division of American Chemical Society (ACS), Akron, USA with effect from 1st August, 2005. The Immediate Past Chairman of the IRI, Mr. P. K. Mohamed has been appointed as its Area Director from the region. This affiliation will further strengthen IRI's efforts in carrying out its educational programmes. The relationship between the two organisations is detailed below:
  •  Both organisations will provide links to each other's web sites.
  • Both organisations will receive a free exhibitor booth if they choose to attend the other's conferences and exhibitions. This does not include any additional service package, if applicable.
  • Members of both organisations will receive "member rates" when attending the other's meetings and expositions. This may require sharing of each organisations' member data to verify membership.
  • Both organisations will exchange technology information through technical meetings, technical journals and technical speakers.
  • Both organisations will work towards mutual benefit in allowing translations of publications into each organisations' language in accordance with guidelines established by the organisations.
  • Both organisations will follow the American Chemical Society's Constitution and Bylaws as applicable to any joint programme.

During June 2015, IRI and the ACS Rubber Division signed an MoU to work collaboratively to identify and meet the educational and training needs of the rubber and related industry within the Asia Pacific and South East Asia Region. Each party agreed to contribute to the relationship by sharing own information, fulfilling accepted responsibilities in timely fashion and striving to reach decision through consensus. This MOU commenced from 1st September 2015 and will continue till 31st December 2020, unless renew (or) terminated earlier by both the parties in writing.

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We are very happy to inform you that during recently concluded IRCO (International Rubber Conference Organization) meeting on 28th October ’16 during IRC-2016 at Kitakyushu, Japan, our Chairman, Dr. R Mukhopadhyay has been selected for award of IRCO Medal in recognition of his contribution on education & research in Rubber Science & Technology as well as his contribution to IRCO for conducting international conferences.


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